One of the primary goals of Re-Powering the Flathead is to identify and understand energy related opportunities available to valley residents and businesses.  Many different opportunities have been illustrated by the success stories (insert link) popping up around the Flathead, State, and beyond.

The most important conclusion of the stakeholder outreach and research process conducted by Re-Powering the Flathead is that there are many meaningful opportunities to improve upon the current picture of energy use in the Flathead.

The better these opportunities are understood, the more informed decision-makers will be to harness them.  Opportunities are defined broadly to include many different opportunities related to energy production and use, as well as the implementation of technologies and strategies that achieve benefits such as cost savings, job creation, and energy independence.

Energy opportunities identified by stakeholders in the Flathead are to be found in many areas including:

Each of these opportunities is explained in detail in Chapter 5: Opportunities (insert link).  Following the explanation is a table of many specific possible strategies to harness each opportunity.  Implementation suggestions, information resources, best practices, and discussion of costs and benefits are provided for each strategy, in order to help assist decision makers in exploring local opportunities.